About aftercare at home

・Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be cases where threads come out of the fabric, which is called pile pulling.
The loop-shaped ring of fabric is called a pile, and if you pull it, the thread will pull out.
In this case, do not pull it, but use scissors to cut the protruding thread from the base.
This is the best solution when the pile part is pulling strings.

・Do not turn it inside out when washing. This may cause pile pulling.

・Please be sure to wash it in a net. This also causes pile pulling.

-Dark colored items may fade, so please wash them separately from other items.

・Please avoid tumble drying.

About returns and exchanges

[If there are scratches or defects]

[If you receive a product different from what you ordered]

We will promptly exchange the item for the same item, or process a return or refund.
Please contact us for details via the " Contact " page within 7 days of receiving the product.
In addition, if we are unable to prepare a replacement item, we will respond by returning or refunding the item.
We will bear the cost of returning the product.
Please send it back to us with cash on delivery.

*Please note that we cannot accept applications that meet the following criteria.
・Products that you contacted us ``more than 8 days'' after receiving the product ・Products you ordered were ``different from the image.''
・"Size doesn't fit"
・"If used even once"
・Products that have been determined to have been repaired, washed, or cleaned ・Products that have had their tags, labels, boxes, and other accessories damaged, soiled, or lost ・Products that have odors attached to them by the customer , dirt, or scratches. *Please note that pile pulling may occur due to the characteristics of the product.

[Exchange at customer's convenience]

In the case of an exchange due to a mistake in the order, etc., you will be responsible for the shipping costs.