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Holidays only


On April 25, 2019, we started a line of pile trunks exclusively for holidays called HOLIDAY TRUNKS.

We hope that you will experience our unprecedented underwear, commonly known as ``Horitra'', and have a comfortable holiday.

During your leisure time during summer holidays, wear a T-shirt and a Horitora to make your indoor life even more comfortable and carefree.

Even if you wear loungewear over your winter holidays, it won't get stuffy and will feel as if you're sitting on a cushion with your bare skin , making it even more comfortable.

HOLIDAY TRUNKS is made from high-quality double-sided pile material that is made from natural materials that are gentle on the skin, and is woven with an original, extremely light and soft material. It is quick-drying , highly elastic , moisturizing and breathable , and has excellent form stability and toughness.

And... most of all, we hope that you all have a great holiday and are a part of Relax & Refresh .