Gift wrapping

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There are various gift occasions throughout the year, such as birthdays, Father's Day, White Day, and Christmas.

HOLIDAY TRUNKS offers a gift wrapping service to send to your loved ones.

Usually, satin ribbons are used to fasten gift bags.
HOLIDAY TRUNKS uses cords and faux leather stoppers.

In addition, we have made it possible to choose the code color according to the occasion.
We recommend that you choose a color that matches the recipient, season, and occasion.

We hope that you will enjoy making even the smallest choices while thinking about the recipient.

I hope that the other party will receive it with excitement.

~Code color variations~
・Cream × Black ・Mandarin Orange × Black Olive × Mustard Scarlet × Forest Green Tricolor

Size length: 50cm
Width: 32cm
*The small product package can hold up to two items, and the large product package can hold one item.

*Gift wrapping option available only to those who purchase HOLIDAY TRUNKS.

*The gift bag can hold up to 2 boxes of HOLIDAY TRUNKS.
note that.

*Gift wrapping is done by the customer. You can watch the packaging video from this URL. ⇒

*If you would like the gift to be delivered directly to the customer, please let us know in the notes section at the time of purchase, and we can wrap it and ship it to you.

Regarding returns and exchanges If the delivered product has scratches or defects, or if you receive a product that is different from what you ordered, we will promptly exchange it for the same product, or issue a return or refund.
Please contact us (03-6304-7946) for details within 7 days of receiving the product by calling us (03-6304-7946) or using the "Contact" page. In addition, if we are unable to prepare a replacement item, we will respond by returning or refunding the item.
We will bear the cost of returning the product. Please send it back to us with cash on delivery.

*Please note that we cannot accept applications that meet the following criteria.
・Products that you contacted us ``more than 8 days'' after receiving the product ・Products you ordered were ``different from the image.''
・"If used even once"
・Products that have been determined to have been repaired, washed, or cleaned ・Products that have had their tags, labels, boxes, and other accessories damaged, soiled, or lost ・Products that have odors attached to them by the customer , dirt, or scratches. *Please note that pile pulling may occur due to the characteristics of the product.

[Exchange at customer's convenience]
In the case of an exchange due to a mistake in the order, etc., you will be responsible for the shipping costs.

色: Cream x black
色: Cream x black